About Us

We are a preventive healthcare company aiming to transform
conventional hospital centric care, into patient centric care with
continuous monitoring in our daily lives

Our Vision

We help chronic disease patients outside hospitals live happy and healthy lives. Sky Labs provides devices, services, and platforms specific to chronic disease patients, using big data.

Sky Labs provides solutions that allow you to treat a condition based on daily biometric signals collected through wearable medical equipment and platforms. The recent paradigm of medical care is shifting from hospital-centric care to patient-centric care, and prevention and care outside hospitals play central roles in this transition. For this to work, many biometric signals need to be collected from daily life and analyzed through a verified platform.

Sky Labs believes that big data from biometric signals will be the core of medical care in future. We will contribute so that aging societies become healthy societies of longevity, by making use of big data to analyze and predict the course of and treatment for diseases.

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