Solve All Questions about CART

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CART is a ring-shaped medical device that has obtained European CE MDD certification.
CART is worn by the user for a long period of time to record pulsations and electrocardiogram. It sends data to mobile over Bluetooth, and mobile sends data to cloud servers to store it. It also analyzes the stored signals and shows the results.
CART uses Bluetooth to transmit data to your mobile device.
CART is not recommended to those with a pacemaker since accuracy of the ECG records cannot be guaranteed.
Yes, you may wash your hands or work out while wearing this ring-shaped CART. As CART is IP58-rated, you may wear it for a long time even in water at a depth of more than 1 meter.

CART is manufactured in compliance with ISO10993-1 (biological evaluation), an international standard applied to medical devices.

However, if the finger on which you wear the CART becomes red or develops any skin irritation, stop wearing the CART immediately. If the symptom persists without wearing the CART for 2-3 days, you should go and see a dermatologist.
As any foreign matter stuck in or on the ring-shaped body may compromise the quality of the signals collected, please keep it clean by wiping the body thoroughly with a soft cloth. CART may be damaged if washed with hot water or a detergent.