UK online store opens for Sky Labs

Stethoscope with heart

Preventive healthcare start-up Sky Labs has opened its UK online store to enable customers to buy its innovative smart ring device.

Fashionable, discreet and stylish, the CART-I (Cardio Tracker) ring uses advanced technology to consistently monitor the wearer’s heartbeat.

The wearable technology is comfortable and easy to use and can become an integrated part of the buyer’s lifestyle.


Sky Labs is endeavouring to transform conventional hospital-centric care into patient-centric care through the continuous 24/7 monitoring the ring offers as it records data within a person’s natural environment and throughout normal daily activities.

Users wear the CART-I as the would any other ring, with the device available in a range of different sizes to ensure that it is not only comfortable but also works most effectively as a monitoring device.

From a technical perspective, the CART-I embraces photoplethysmography (PPG) signals to measure heart rate – constantly and continuously – coupled with electrocardiogram (ECG) signals to offer supplementary information to doctors.

Innovative technology

The device has practical medical applications, particularly in detecting heart irregularities. It is arguably most valuable in helping to identify Atrial Fibrillation – an irregular heartbeat – or its burden.

AF can be an intermittent condition and at times be difficult to detect through traditional methods of standard pulse checking.

Thus, it is the continuous remote heart monitoring from CART-I that enables it to be a meaningful and innovative technology.

CART-I will deliver AF monitoring with 99.6 per cent accuracy, providing real-time measurements and analysis, remote data access for doctors if necessary, and simplicity and ease of use.

The data measured by CART-I is remotely stored in Sky Labs’ cloud and processed through artificial intelligence techniques.

Growing reputation

Sky Labs has a growing reputation for developing healthcare technology for both a consumer and medical market, with a strong team of innovators.

Its founders are well-experienced engineers from the Samsung Electronics DMC (Digital, Media and Communications) Research Center, with CEO Jack Lee holding a master’s degree in electrical engineering. He is an advanced engineer, while his business planner has more than 15 years’ experience in the successful development of signal processing systems.

Their research team leader has a master’s degree in medicine and is an advanced biomedical engineer

What also underpins the technology, is support from experts in the field of cardiology.

Cardiology experts

Leading cardiology experts have helped as medical advisors and with clinical trials that have seen the product develop into a practical and effective healthcare monitoring device.

Cardiologists at Seoul National University Hospital and Charite University Hospital in Berlin have collaborated with Sky Labs in this respect.

In addition, CART-I was chosen as one of the wearable devices for a clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of alerting AF patients to take anticoagulants when needed. The study is led by D. Timothy Betts, Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, who is a cardiologist and arrhythmia specialist.

Technology pioneer

Founded in 2015, Sky Labs has attracted significant investment, an invitation as a technology pioneer to the World Economic Forum 2019, and seen CART-I distributed in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Sky Labs is the only Korean company that has won the Digital Health and Technology Competition of the European Society of Cardiology for two consecutive years.

It officially launched CART-I (Cardio Tracker) for British consumers in November, into what is the sixth largest medical device market in the world, and has now extended its availability through the launch of the designated UK Online site.

*The CART-I costs £266.65+VAT but Sky Labs is offering a discount for the opening promotion until March 6 with the discount code: BEWITHCART11. For more information about Sky Labs, visit